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PayContactless for Developers

Add contactless payment capability to your app.

Let's widen the possibilities with integrations to add contactless payments to your app while you innovate and create unique experiences.

Dive in
Build Contactless-First Solutions using our APIs.

Simple Integrations

As innovators ourselves, we understand the importance of simple integrations to developers . Our APIs and SDKs allow for simplicity. We handle the heavy lifting so you can focus on innovating.

Expanding payment possibilities

Break boundaries and develop applications that improve payment experiences. From contactless payments to superfast settlements, you can be sure of delivering the next big business solution.

Quick onboarding
Instant Settlements on Transactions.
Encrypted transactions.
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payment options

Enable your customers to pay you using a device and method that’s most convenient for them.

Pay with QR

Receive payments by providing the generated QR Code to customers for scanning.

Pay with Account

Enjoy instant payment confirmation on bank transfers when online or offline. No delays.

Pay with Card

Receive a payment when customers tap their contactless cards on your smartphone.

Pay with Link

Accept payments by sending a generated link to customers to complete their payment.

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