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Make & Receive contactless payments

Efficient and cost-effective payment solutions to help simplify payments and improve acceptance for your business.

Zero Setup Cost

No need to buy a POS Terminal. Just download the free app on your mobile device, register and you are all set!

Super Fast

Complete transactions in seconds
so you can focus on your business.

Secure Transactions

Simple but secure payment channels with all transactions encrypted.

Introducing Tap on Phone & Tap to Phone

Contactless Card Acceptance for Businesses

Present your phone with the transaction amount to your customer and ask that they tap their card, mobile or wearable to make a payment.

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For Businesses

Get paid faster.
At zero extra cost.

Manage your business, accept payments and track inventory right on your mobile phone. Here are some of the ways we help your business:

Zero Setup Cost
Instant Settlements
Secured Transactions
Sell Online & Offline
Monitor Sales History
Accept all Forms of Payments
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Improve payment efficiency; Keep customers happy

Improve customer satisfaction by eliminating payment confirmation delays.

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For Individuals

Re-inventing the way you make payments.

Just tap and go at checkouts. Simply tap your smartphone or wearable device on a payment terminal to make a secure contactless payment.

Secure Transactions
Track Your Payments
Seamless Transactions
Pay Online & Offline
Multiple Payment Options
Instant Payment Confirmation
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Who can use PayContactless?

PayContactless was built for businesses looking to improve payment acceptance and customer retention. See how businesses are using PayContactless below.

Make Payments.
Receive Payments.

Download the PayContactless app to get started.

Open up a new world of payment

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